for the love of sugar and all that it entails..…

……is the sweetest part of us here at chill sugar, but we also covet the beauty of life with its infinite creative reservoirs of  curiosity and ingenuity. We endeavor to bring you and those you love the very best products we can source and offer from our sugar kingdom! We will be sponsoring charitable institutions and supporting as many fair trade/sustainable business organizations as we possibly can. We look forward to brightening your day in any sugary (or not, we have great ….socks, great “stuff” actually) way that we can.

she gets it from her mama

Some years ago a young sage relayed to Kate and Alex that they had both lived several lives alternating their roles from the mother/child/child/mother over and over again. I don’t know if we have found our answer to the existential debate, but I’m quite sure our connection to the love of all things sugar has flourished throughout all those lifetimes.

chill sugar was born from a story beginning with a little girl who possessed a HUGE sweet tooth! Growing up with the scent of freshly baked cookies billowing out of her mother’s kitchen, filling every breathable space within their home for a daily wholesale production, Alex’s love for all things sugar came into being……

Kate’s love of gourmet food began its journey in San Francisco while married to Alex’s dad, a European restaurateur. She discovered a world of extraordinary foods she had never been exposed to before and that very pivotal intersection in her young life, set the pace for a long career in the specialty food and retail management industry. She enthusiastically extends her expertise to chill sugar.

Alex’s career evolved toward the medical field but she never lost her love of sugar’s light! Alex now has three children and she and her family reside in Chestnut Hill. They are all very excited to be part of an awesome concept that helps to give back.